Revamp the onboarding flow to retain more first-time users

Challenge I received

Razeware has the largest and most up-to-date collection of courses and books on mobile app development and more. I got the challenge of redesigning their new registered users’ onboarding process to improve the conversion rate and increase the paid plan sales.

Onboarding should show the maximum result in the minimum…

How to pull together all IoT devices into one central user interface to accomplish a common task?

The Context

Smart home products are changing our lives. 7 in 10 households in the US now own at least one smart home product. That translates to 83 million households, and of those, 18% or…

Credit to Tim Gouw from Unsplash

I joined HireBeat in May 2020 as their first product designer. Joining a seed-stage company has been quite a challenging journey for me since I’m a new grad student with little industry experience. Life here was like a rollercoaster ride full of changes, mistakes, failures, successes, wins, and of course…

3rd Place among Over 55 Teams

Teachers and students can make his-tory exciting by bringing stories into the classroom to engage students and enhance classroom presentations.


A+E Networks’ flagship channel HISTORY, was launched in 1995 as The HISTORY Channel. …

Report of the Usability Theory & Practice Class at Pratt Institute

Heuristic Evaluation Report


The findings of this report came from an analysis of Booking. The study utilized a Heuristic Evaluation method, which was chosen to evaluate how effectively users of Booking might be able to perform specific tasks on the website. Three usability experts from Pratt Institute participated as the evaluators for this…

Non-spoken; On Computer; Website-based; by Text Message

About Roo

What is Grice’s Maxims Framework?

via Erika Hall — Defines the “social code” most of us follow for conversation.

A chat-box should be…

Quantity: just enough information

Quality: be truthful

Relation: be relevant

Manner: be brief, orderly, unambiguous

Polite: don’t impose. Give options. Make listeners feel good

Good User Experience

1. Greetings in human-tone

Improving accessibility to safe commute for children after school


This was part of a one-day workshop, HexHacks’19, hosted by Hexagon UX and General Assembly. Ninety-one UX designers formed 19 teams to advance the day’s mission: Promoting Underrepresented Communities In Tech.

Role: UX Research, UX Design, Prototyping
Team: me and Amanda B, Angela Liu, Yifan Zhang
Duration: 5 hours
Judges: Ola Sinder, founder…

A design tournament held by Adobe. Competed in a 3-weeks jam on a special project supporting our Coral Reefs.

Teammate: Yi Chen; My Role: Copy writing , UI design

The Challenge

Based on The Design of Everyday Things

Welcome animation of Lifesum

This article will be a review and critique of the Lifesum app by applying terms in The Design of Everyday Things — Don Norman. Besides, I will present the problems and provide suggestions to improve their app from a UX perspective.

About Lifesum

Lifesum helps you track your food and your exercise…

Yolanda Tian

Product and UX Designer. A graduate student from Pratt Information Experience Design.

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