Adobe Creative Jam Campaign

A design tournament held by Adobe. Competed in a 3-weeks jam on a special project supporting our Coral Reefs.

The Challenge

How to make it fun and easy for every user to donate?

Besides the main challenge, there are further challenges to think about:

User Journey Map

Design Needs

After understanding the user, we identified a list of design solutions to better solve the problem to our target user:​​​​​​​

Design Solutions

According to each user need and considering the challenges before, we came up with different solutions that could inform our final design.

1. Offer accessible content to the widest possible audience

We decided to make an interactive web-based game that integrates storytelling, game, donation-making and sharing in a sequence.

2. Provide engaging and powerful educational information

Applying emotional design, we focused on visual elements as well as animation and interaction. Good visceral process makes learning enjoyable.

Knowledge about corals
Knowledge about why the marine system is in dangerous

3. Design an easy, smooth, and guiding donating experience

To minimize the learning curve, we decided to make it a sequence of sections. So people can easily immerse in the donation process designed in the game.

4. Provide validation to give proudness about sharing achievements

Social sharing is an organic form of promotion generated by the public. Therefore, we created a poster at the end of the game, so that people not only feel good about donating but also are willing to share with friends, or even their companies, leading to a virtuous cycle.

Product and UX Designer. A graduate student from Pratt Information Experience Design.

Product and UX Designer. A graduate student from Pratt Information Experience Design.