Adobe Creative Jam @ HISTORY Classroom

3rd Place among Over 55 Teams


A+E Networks’ flagship channel HISTORY, was launched in 1995 as The HISTORY Channel. The chan-nel has covered a wide range of historical periods and topics, while similar themed topics are often orga-nized into themed weeks or daily marathons.

Design Challenge

Using the examples in HISTORY’s deep catalog of video and editorial content to create a teach-ing and learning experience, ultimately resulting in a HISTORY Classroom app.

Design Goal

To help teachers create lesson plans

To be a marketplace of reference material for teachers

Target Users

Teachers for K12 Kids

Key Features

Provide syllabus templates and teachers can add to their plans

Templates include default slides and teachers can edit it to meet their needs

Provide a resources material gallery and teachers can add to their schedules

Teachers can manage their on-going syllabus and view past plans

Product and UX Designer. A graduate student from Pratt Information Experience Design.

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