Design Critique — Lifesum (iOS)

Based on The Design of Everyday Things

Welcome animation of Lifesum

About Lifesum

Lifesum helps you track your food and your exercise to live a healthier life and reach your fitness goals through better eating. You can add personal data, goal, calorie intake, and set distribution between carbs, protein and fat. You take control of your health in an easy simple way along with different options.

Considering 3 levels of human processing cognition and emotion: Visceral, Behavioral, and Reflective

Overall, this App is successful because its design have taken place at all levels.

Visceral level:

Behavioral level:

“It is important to be aware of my diet and to make a conscious effort in choosing healthier alternatives. I have been able to slowly build good eating habits by staying on track with my goals.”

For designers, the most critical aspect is that every action is associated with an expectation. The information in the feedback loop of evaluation confirms or disconfirms the expectations, resulting in satisfaction or frustration.

Reflective level

Analyzing principles based on 4 key attributes:

Signifiers, Mapping, Constrains, Feedback, Discoverability, Complexity & Confusion

1. Find a diet you love and start a simplified meal plan

2. Track your meal in different ways

There are two ways of adding food: clicking the lunch card or the “+” button in the bottom navigation.

Typing keywords
Scanning barcode

3. Enjoy hundreds of tasty and nutritious recipes

4. Track your exercise

Give constraints to solve ethical problem

Other improvement suggestions

  1. Display the values of the day; the calories, carbs, protein and fat when adding new food and not only at the start screen, which will increase consistency.
  2. Add a section to take progress photos in the profile, not just text recording, because people are visual animals. Pictures can provide better feedback.

Product and UX Designer. A graduate student from Pratt Information Experience Design.

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