Design Critique — Lifesum (iOS)

Based on The Design of Everyday Things

Welcome animation of Lifesum

About Lifesum

Considering 3 levels of human processing cognition and emotion: Visceral, Behavioral, and Reflective

Visceral level:

Behavioral level:

“It is important to be aware of my diet and to make a conscious effort in choosing healthier alternatives. I have been able to slowly build good eating habits by staying on track with my goals.”

Reflective level

Analyzing principles based on 4 key attributes:

1. Find a diet you love and start a simplified meal plan

2. Track your meal in different ways

Typing keywords
Scanning barcode

3. Enjoy hundreds of tasty and nutritious recipes

4. Track your exercise

Give constraints to solve ethical problem

Other improvement suggestions

Product and UX Designer. A graduate student from Pratt Information Experience Design.